2-year-old punch inscribed by panhandler on NYC subway: police

A 2-year-old boy was strangled to death in the Manhattan subway train by a violent panther – violence in the city on Sunday, police and law-enforcement sources said recently.

The child was sitting on her mother’s lap on a northbound C train at Douglas Boulevard and West 116th Street in Manhattan just after 3pm on Saturday when a female beggar walked between the train-car door and according to police and passengers Started asking for money from

“Can you please say 6 feet away?” Sources said the boy’s mother asked the panhandler.

Sources said the suspect stepped on the mother’s left leg.

When mother asked him, “Why did you step on me?” Sources said the suspect started punching, killing a 2-year-old child.

A witness told police that he had to suspect the mother and the child – who suffered minor injuries to his face and ears, sources said.

Police said the attacker told her in her 40s, that she fled the train when she arrived at the station.

Police sources said the injured child was taken by ambulance to Mount Sinai-St. Luke’s Hospital for treatment. Sources said that he has been released.

Sources said the suspect was described as a heavy-skinned woman with a tattoo on the neck and a buzzcut, who was last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, washed jeans, boots and a white face mask. .

The incident was one of the ones troubled by recent train offenses, including a horrific haphazard slashing on the A Line earlier this month that killed two people and injured two others.

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