The killer convicted of dating app murder apparently commits suicide in prison.

A convicted murderer who murdered a teacher he met in the dating app Plant of was found dead in his prison cell this week by an apparent suicide.

According to The daily mail30-year-old convicted murderer Carl Langdale was found at Wakefield Jail in West York this week with a serious neck injury.

Jail officials say he was strangled by a man convicted of teacher Katie Locke after meeting on a dating app in 2015 and met guards on the floor of a blood-soaked cell.

Resuscitation efforts were not successful, and Langdale was killed.

He was declared dead by medics just before 2 pm last Thursday.

The killer who murdered and sexually assaulted the teacher, 23, was found strangled to death after meeting her on the first date at the Paint of Fish.

A spokesman for the Prison Service said: “HMP Wakefield prisoner Carl Langdale died in custody on 11 February. The prison and probation ombudsman has been reported. “

Sources claimed that the death of convicted dating app killer is not considered suspicious or dishonest.

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Langdale, of Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, was sentenced to life in June 2016, killing a 23-year-old Locke with a minimum sentence of 26 years, whom he met in the dating app Plant of Fish.

According to MetroLangdale murdered the woman in a four-star hotel, before taking pictures of her corpse and sexually assaulting her corpse.

Jail staff were reportedly alerted to the noise coming from one of his person’s cells, and Langdale found injuries to his neck and blood-soaked.

Man of the teacher who murdered man found dead in prison cell

according to BBC in 2016, Prosecutors said, Langdale also misled Locke about his life and career, falsely claiming to be a lawyer for his own firm.

In actuality, two years spent suffering from a mentally debilitating mental illness, “marked by periods in psychiatric hospitals,” prosecutor Ann Evans told the court at the time.

Langdale had previously confessed to violent fantasies while living in mental institutions, prior to the murder of Locke and the sexual assault of his corpse.

Police later discovered photographs of the dead woman, which the murderer had found on a dating app, which she attempted to delete.

Sentencing two days of the trial, Ann Evans prosecuted, saying Langdale “decided to have intercourse with her dead body after she took pictures of her body on her iPhone” after killing Ms. Locke.

Katie Locke murdered: Carl Langdale attacked teacher’s corpse

According to SunConvicted dating app Killer used a laundry trolley to throw the body into the hotel grounds after killing the woman.

Prosecutors said Langdale later confessed to killing a friend and then his mother, describing the woman as a “monster” and “apologizing for ruining her Christmas”, the Sun wrote.

Langdale later confessed to killing the teacher and told police where his body was.

Locke’s family previously stated that “Katie did not have a bad bone in her body” and that she “worked hard as a teacher and loved him.”

The jail staff, who had been dubbed the ‘Monster Mansion’ for housing some of the country’s most dangerous criminals, tried to revive them.

Lots of fish killers who kill and sexually harass the teacher after being strangled to death in Mans Monster Mansion ‘cell

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