The Entry School Board resigned after parents were caught

Video Credit: YouTube

school members after being caught cheating parents during a public video meeting about the reopening of schools closed during the epidemic.

All four members, including Oakley Elementary School District Lisa Brizendine, on Friday A fox news report.

members were caught on video complaining of parents who wanted teachers to return to their classes. Brizendine made fun of parents during Wednesday’s meeting who “want their children back” which the trustees thought was private.

He said, “The comments that were made were not in line with our vision and certainly none of us as leaders. I know we have lost faith with the community. School Superintendent Greg Hetrick In a statement, I will not make any excuse for what happened or why.

Oakley School Board
The Oakley School virtual meeting was accidentally open to the public when they were making fun of parents’ requests.
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Brissendine later issued an apology. Other members – Kim Beede, Erica Ipolito and Richie Masadas – on Friday.

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