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United Airlines will have to pay $ 49.5M to settle the mail contract check

The US Department of Justice said on Friday that United Airlines to pay $ 49.5 million to settle criminal charges and civil claims related to fraud on the Postal Service contract.

Nicholas L., head of the Acting Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. McQuaid said, “United provided fake postal delivery information to the US Postal Service over a period of years and did not accept payment of millions of dollars to the company.”

United did not immediately comment.

The Department of Justice said that between 2012 and 2015, United defrauded the US Postal Service (USPS) by presenting false delivery scan data. The government stated that United presented automated delivery scans based on aspirational delivery times. The government said that some individuals at United included “attempts to modify bogus delivery times to make automated scans appear less suspicious to the USPS in order to conceal their practices.”

United to strengthen its compliance program and submit an annual report to the Department of Justice, detailing United’s compliance program and the status of removing and enforcing internal controls.

The government cited prior UN history, including a 2016 non-prosecution agreement between NJ’s Newark Liberty International Airport and Columbia Metropolitan Airport in South Carolina concerning possible criminal bribery violations arising from the operation and operation of a non-stop route is.

The Justice Department said that in 2019, American Airlines paid $ 22.1 million to claim it was incorrect for the time it transferred the US post to the Foreign Postal Administration or other intended recipient.

The USPS contracted with the US to capture the US mail receptacles at six locations and then extended it to several international and domestic destinations. The settlement claims that American Airlines repeatedly misreported possession of the mail. American did not immediately comment.

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