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Jet ‘Joe Douglas Sam Darnold Changes Tune Overhead

Joe Douglas has delivered a message to any team interested in trading for Jets quarterback Sam Darnold: Call Me.

The Jets general manager confirmed on Wednesday that he would not hang up the phone if the team did not inquire about Darnold, which he said in October 2019, when he deemed the quarterback untouchable.

Douglas said, “If it is made I will answer it.” “As it relates to Sam, as I said, Sam do we think of a dynamic player in this league with incredible talent that really gives his outstanding ability a chance to move forward. Like I said before, If called, I will answer them. “

But that is not the song Douglas was singing at the trade deadline in 2019. After talking about fielding calls for Jamal Adams and Le’Veon Bell, Douglas said the only untouchable player is a franchise quarterback, and he said that Darnold was exactly that. He said that Darnold was the only player he did not pick up the phone.

Things have changed since then. Darnold had a terrible 2020 season. His 72.7 quarterback rating was the worst of the 35 quarterbacks who qualified. He failed in the 300-yard passing game and had 11 interceptions with only 9 touchdowns.

Jet Sam Darnold Business Joe Douglas
Jets GM Joe Douglas (L.) said he would respond by asking NFL about a potential Sam Darnold trade.
NY Post: Charles Weinzberg (2)

Douglas and new head coach Robert Saleh face a decision on whether to with Darnold, who will enter his fourth season with the Jets, or to move on, drafting a quarterback with the No. 2-overall pick By doing or trying. Swing a deal for Texas star Deshon Watson.

“Right now our timeline is as much information as we can possibly get, especially not in free agency but in this year’s draft class,” Douglas said. “We think we’re not really giving any hard time in the immediate future to make a decision, but when we make a decision, we’re going to do it after gathering as much information as we can to get the best information Huh.”

The Jets plan on attending the pro days of the top college quarterbacks before making a decision. The epidemic this year has resulted in limited performances of for draft prospects. BYU quarterback Zach Wilson will hold his Pro Day on March 26 and Justin Fields of Ohio State on March 30.

Douglas said, “Pro Day is very important. “It is okay to stand next to the quarterback, watch the spin with your hand, watch the ball jump with your hand, feel your presence. They are all important things. “

Free agency begins March 17, so there is some speculation that uncertainty at quarterback could harm the Jets with free-agent wide receivers. Douglas put an end to that idea.

“I think we’re well positioned. I think it’s not going to hurt us in terms of free agents,” Douglas said. “I think like our assessment, especially the coaching The main thing with this is that we have been focused on. For the remainder of this week, we are going to be on the phone with our own current players’ agents who are killing free agency. I don’t really feel like this is going to affect our free agent plans or the player’s free agent plans as it relates to us. “

Douglas talked a lot about Darnold, perhaps to keep the value of his business high, without having to commit to a 23-year-old.

“I’d say with Sam, our stance on Sam hasn’t changed,” Douglas said. “He is a very player. He is very clever, very strict. We have no doubt that Sam is going to achieve his outstanding potential. Obviously, we are in the process of gaining as much information as we can through independent agency and drafts, but our stance on Sam has not changed. “

Except now, Douglas is ready to pick up the phone.

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