Aaron Boone calls for Yankees update hours after pacemaker surgery

TAMPA – Carlos was home with a Yankee win over the Blue Jays on Wednesday night, when Aaron Boone called.

The manager, who removed the hours to undergo surgery to place a pacemaker to address a low heart rate, gave his bench coach his questions to answer.

“As soon as he called, got on the phone, [his] The first question was, “How will the boys look?” “Mendoza, who has accepted the manager’s duties in Boone’s absence, said Thursday morning. “I was like, ‘No no no no, how’s it feeling?” He was like, ‘I’m great. I feel great. I can already tell the difference. I am good. So tell me how the day went. I saw [Corey] Clabber was good, gary [Sanchez] Hit a homer. What else has gone? ‘

“So he goes back and tells you what kind of leader he is. He’s in the hospital, he’s in bed, just got out of surgery and he just wants to know what to do here with our friends What’s going on in that room. “

Yankees Aaron Boon Pacemaker Surgery
manager Aaron Boone is expected to be released from the hospital today after pacemaker surgery.
NY Post: Charles Weinberg

The vagrants said Boones stayed overnight at St. Joseph’s Hospital and was expected to leave at some point on Thursday. General Manager Brian Cashman said Wednesday that it was possible that Boone returned to the team 48-72 hours after the procedure.

On Wednesday, Boone had a Yankees’ staff zoom call from his hospital bed and recorded a video to help his players easily tell him about his procedure.

Meanwhile, was again set to manage the against an exhibition in clear water again on Thursday.

“I read with him this morning. He was in good spirits, asking about people, “ said.” Hopefully, he will return home sometime today. “

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