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Baker Mayfield, wife Emily Detail spotted UFO

The descent of Baker Mayfield is out of this world.

On Wednesday, the Cleveland Browns quarterback claimed he and Wife emily wilkinson Saw a real-life UFO while driving home from dinner.

“Around 100%, MM and I just saw a UFO drop straight from the sky on the way home from dinner … We stopped and looked at each other and asked if any of us had seen it … ” Mayfield tweeted.

“A very bright ball of light is going down the sky directly towards Lake Travis. Anyone else witness this? “He suppressed his followers.

Wilkinson, who has been married to 25-year-old Mayfield since July 2019, also told about the experience on her Instagram story.

“I’ll be honest, we are very confused by this,” she said in her story. “Suddenly, a light caught our eye on our right, which is out of my passenger window above the lake.”

“It was a big light, and it was going straight from the sky to the ground,” Wilkinson explained.

“We got home, and we’re very confused right now,” she continued. “We’re not mass believers, we’re not going to say no, but we’ve never seen it for our eyes, so we’re kinda confused.”

Baker is out of this world with Mayfield's wife Emily.
Baker is out of this world with Mayfield’s wife Emily.
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Wilkinson also tweeted: “I won’t lie … I’m usually not someone who talks about UFOs. But I know I’ve seen something I’ve never seen tonight. And I’m a little freaked out.”

In September, it was reported that UFO sightings were 51 percent during the epidemic.

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