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Should the Rangers trade for Jack Eichel? Feat. Ken Daneko

Pavel Buchaniewicz skates against the Flowers.
Pavel Buchaniewicz skates against the Flowers.
NYPost Composite: Getty Images

It has truly been a rollercoaster season for the Rangers, both on and off the ice. They win a game, then lose a game. They won two, then lost two. He is yet to go into the winning order of more than two matches this season. He has also dealt with off-ice problems, including losing Artemi Panarin for an indefinite amount of time.

The Blueshirts look forward to talking about everything going on on the ground, and their back-to-back matchups in New Jersey with the Devils, this “Up in the Blue Seats” podcast with Ron Dugwe and Mollie Walker It’s time for a new episode. Featuring an interview with Devils legend Ken Daneyko.

Opening segment with Ron, Mollie, Jake and Sarah:

  • Happy birthday Brian Leach! Ron opened the show wishing the Rangers a happy birthday. Then he is coming on the show, which includes a nice Rangers win, trade talks and a chat with Mr. Satan.
  • Mollie Powell joins Buchaniewicz’s impressive play. Alexis Lafreniore and his rookie season thus far. Some fans are wrong to label him a “bust” for what he has seen in only 20 games in a season.
  • Ron calls Micah Jibanezad’s breakout game on Twitter.
  • Colin Blackwell is “a rough diamond”.
  • What condolences do we put on our hot dogs and pretzels or do we do them without condolences? Ron is a big ketchup boy. Mollie talks about media food at MSG and the Prudential Center at the time of these epidemics.



Larry Brooks Interview:
NY Post Rangers beat writer

  • Does the Rangers have a genuine interest in trading for Jack Eichel? What would they have to do to get him from the Sabers?
  • Coming out of a disappointing game against the Rangers.
  • Top line in new form for rangers with rangers out there.
  • Ryan Lindgren is playing with a snore. He has exceeded expectations.

Ken Daneko interview:
Devils defenseman (1983–2003), MSG plus Devils color analyst, 20 seasons as NHL network analyst

  • Up and down season for the Devils.
  • What is special about Jack Hughes?
  • Preview of two Devils-Rangers matchups.
  • Mackenzie Blackwood’s motto, not hitting the roof.
  • Memories with Ron in the Canadian TV show “Battle of the Blades”.

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