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Cuomo accused blamed SUNY Chancellor for ‘defaming’ him

Lindsey Boylan, who accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, is targeting a former co-worker who accuses her of “defaming” him.

Boylan, a former aide to Cuono, said Jim Malatras, Chancellor of New York University, was doing the bidding of the Cuomo administration when he took aim at one of his two years ago, when he talked about a “toxic work culture”. “For the women in the second floor’s executive room.

“When @jimmalatras was the head of @RockeffelerInst, the second floor asked me to discredit me online after speaking out about a toxic work culture.”

On May 22, 2019 Maltaras tweeted “I saw someone twitterbombing about life on the second floor to get some attention for unrelated political purposes.” With his tweet, Maltras attached four photos of his young son being taken to work, one of which was also with Cuomo. “Is it difficult to work in the chamber?” Absolutely. for a long time? Yes. it must be. But my son was often a welcome part of it so I could serve, ”he tweeted.

Boylan responded that her tweet was “being a mother, getting pregnant and deciding when and whether it was possible to have children on her own,” in Malatras, using the hashtag #tonedeaf in her tweet.

Andrew Cuomo
Lindsay Boylan, a former government aide, Andrew Cuomo, said that Jim Malatras, Chancellor of the State University of New York, was bidding for the Cuomo administration.
Paul martinka

Boylene, 36, is the Democratic nominee for Manhattan Borough President. She accused Cuomo of sexually assaulting one of the three women, 63 accused, of grabbing her face and kissing her at a wedding in 2019.

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