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Kirsten Sinima created the page with a thumbs-down vote from John McCain

Arizona Sen. Kirsten Sinima voted her late former fighter John McCain into the Senate on Friday with an attractive thumb.

Video captured in the Senate Chamber shows newly-elected Sinima rejecting Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposal, including a $ 15-trillion coronovirus relief package in the Senate’s minimum wage increase of $ 15.

Sinima was joined by seven other Senate Democrats as well as all Republicans.

McCain famously did not vote on a Senate plan to repeal Obamacare in 2018, which ultimately drowned out the effort.

Although she supports raising the salary, Sinima said she would support the decision of a Senate who determined that the minimum wage could not be included as part of the recapture process of a Senate protocol, which The coronovirus relief allows the bill to be passed with 51. A vote contrary to the customary 60 is required to override a filmbuster.

“Senators on both sides have shown support for raising the federal minimum wage and the Senate should consider keeping the open debate and amendment process separate from the COVID-focused reconciliation bill,” Sinima said In a statement, she deemed it a vote.

John McCain Kristen Sinima
Arizona Sen. Kirsten Sinima took a page about her predecessor, Sen. John McCain’s book, with her catchy thumbs-up vote.
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The sentiment among many in his own party did not increase, leading to progressive people in particular. Sanders on Saturday took to the floor to accept his colleagues’ insistence, dismissing his colleagues as unqualified staffers of the Senate.

New York

the ganas to go home and support the minimum wage workers to go back after their own documented stance, which was theirs during their longest drought of wages since the founding of the law.” Salaries help crush the biggest opportunity. Sin vergüenza, “he A tweet stated.

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