Trevor Bauer says he blindly pitched with vs. Padres

Trevor Bauer tried something new in the game against the Padres on Saturday.

The Dodgers pitcher stated that he stood with his right eye closed, and says that this is not the first time he has tried it. Bauer can be seen on the video pointing his eye after getting a strike on Ha-Soong Kim.

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Bauer did not complete his entire outing (three innings) with one eye closed, but said he scored the most runs in the first innings according to La Inning. Mike diagowana. He said that this is something he does to challenge himself.

The strategy mostly worked as Bauer conceded no runs in the innings. However he had some rocky moments to allow a single for Jurickson Pruer and Tommy Pham’s walk. He also showed a wild in the innings. But he put in a strong performance, beating Victor Caratini and Ha-Soong Kim.

“I like to make myself uncomfortable and take my stuff apart and try to find a solution for it. How do you improve Find a way to make yourself uncomfortable, then get comfortable with it and do it again, ” Said bauer. “I figured if they couldn’t open one eye from me, I’d be hard to score by opening two eyes. Just having a little fun. There’s definitely a reason behind it. If I wanted to share, I’d first Would have done it. “

While Bauer never mentioned closing both eyes, manager Dave Roberts said he thought he saw the pitcher in one.

“I think there might be a curve that he closed with both eyes, I don’t know,” Roberts said. “But there is a method to his madness and he worked through it, so obviously it was important.”

Bauer played three innings, allowing two hits and striking out one and allowing no runs.

While an eye strategy worked for an inning in spring training, we doubt Bauer would attempt it as the regular season got underway.

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