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Country Watson’s agent responds to sexual harassment lawsuits

Countryside Watson’s agent has a message: He is prosecuted on false charges, too.

Seven lawsuits over Watson’s alleged mistreatment of Watson came under fire – including sexual harassment – with agent David Mulughta taking to Twitter, where a social media even before Watson began any legal process Is ready to convict.

“Sexual assault is real,” Mulguthe wrote, Which represents dozens of high-profile NFL customers. “Victims should be heard, criminals prosecuted.

“Individuals often create stories in search of financial gain. Their victims should be heard, and those criminals were prosecuted as well.

“I hope we will have the same energy with the truth.”

Watson denied the first claim and ever mistreatment of women, and said he was presented with the to pay his accused for the first time before filing a lawsuit. Other similar claims have since been filed, all made by Houston lawyer Tony Buzebee.

Countryside Watson walked off the field before an NFL game in 2021.
Dehat Watson has seen seven lawsuits filed against him, with claims of more to come.
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Buzzbee has claimed two more cases – for a total of nine – against Watson, who are facing trial for compensatory and punitive damages. Watson, who is considered a franchise-changing asset on the NFL trade market because he wants out of Texas, is being investigated by the NFL, as is standard protocol in such a situation.

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