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The man whose wife died in an Atlanta spa was handcuffed, ‘treated like a suspect’

The husband who survived the Atlanta Spa shootout that killed his wife, police say, instead of the grieving victim, police saw him as a suspect – dead after handing him over for hours without telling him Declared.

“Gonzalez said during an interview with a Spanish-language newspaper,” They kept me in the police station until the time they investigated who was responsible or what had happened. ” Mundo Hispano. “Finally, they told me that my wife had died.

“They I was her husband,” Gonzalez said. “Then they told me that she was dead when I first wanted to know.

“I don’t know, probably because I’m Mexican,” he said. “Because the is that they treated me very badly.”

Gonzalez and his wife, 33-year-old Delaina Ashley Yun, went on a relaxing day Tuesday in their of Acworth for a young Asian massage and to take a break from raising their two young children.

He said he was in a separate room when a gunshot went off and he fled to safety.

Mario Gonzalez with his wife Ashley Yun.
Mario Gonzalez with his wife Ashley Yun.

His wife never made it out alive.

Outside, he said, he was handcuffed by police and held for more than two hours – police did not tell him that his wife had been murdered by the end.

Authorities said another man, Robert Aaron Long, remains in custody after admitting the crime.

Gonzalez’s niece, Jessica Gonzalez, Told the Daily Mail, “I think it was a racial thing. [Mario] Only one was left in handcuffs.

“He kept asking, ‘Where is my wife? Where is my wife?'” He said. “And no one will answer him. He did not receive an answer until an hour later. “

Yaun was one of eight people who were badly injured in three Atlanta-area massage parlors, starting at the Cherokee County Saloon where she and her husband went.

“What I need is support now, because I have a boy and a girl,” Mario Gonzalez told Mundo Hispano. He said, “I took away the most valuable thing of my life.

“At least he deserves to die, like all those people died,” the man said of Long.

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