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Catherine Garcia pulls Andrew Yang to suggest deputy job

Catherine Garcia would not flatter Andrew Yang because of her repeated insistence that she would have made him her deputy if she had won the mayor of New York City this year.

The former Sanitation Commission and Mayor Optimist said it was “sexist” for Yang and other male opponents to suggest he would accept a role as a -kick behind him.

“I would like Andrew Yang to stop saying that.” I’m not running for number 2, “ Garcia said in an interview Published Saturday with The New Yorker. “It’s completely sexist. Completely sexist. “

Yang, a new face for city politics, has said that he will appoint Garcia deputy mayor to handle the nuts and bolts of city hall.

“I’m already thinking about how to staff the administration and make sure we can really move the bureaucracy forward,” he told The Post’s editorial board on Thursday. “I have my eyes very open to people like Catherine.”

“It sounds like they are congratulating me, but they are not doing it,” Garcia quoted Eric Adams, president of the Yorker and Yang Brooklyn Borough. Others, especially when going for endorsement, said, ‘Well, I’ll make him deputy mayor.’

New York City mayoral candidate Catherine Garcia.
Catherine Garcia says that when Andrew Yang and Eric Adams want to praise their deputy mayor, “it’s completely terrorist.”
Gabriella Bass for the New York Post

“Are you really not strong enough to do this job, without my help? You must be strong enough. You shouldn’t need me,” she told the magazine.

“To be absolutely clear: I don’t need you guys to run this government.”

Adams’ campaign did not return a request for comment. A representative for Yang told The New Yorker “there is great for Catherine Garcia and that is why she often said that she would like her participation in city hall if she was elected mayor”.

New York City mayoral candidate Catherine Garcia.
Polls currently show Catherine Garcia about 5 percent of the vote.
Gabriella Bass for the New York Post

In addition to his tenure as sanitation boss under Mayor Bill de Blasio, Garcia helmed the New York City Housing Authority and served as the city’s “food caesar” during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Polls show Garcia about 5 percent of the vote – far behind Yang and Adams.

The 2021 Democratic primary will be the city’s first mayor primary with rank-choice voting, where voters can list their second, third, and fourth and fifth choices.

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