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Returning to the office as sales people for business attire

Some Americans are finding little comfort in returning to office – with retailers noticing an increase in sales of clothes, dresses, including pants with buttons and zippers.

Started sending employees back to in New York and other cities Decreasing COVID-19 cases, Selling duplicate knock-dupes worn to people while working from home, taking a back seat to more professional gear, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

“The fact that the sales came back so quickly before the offices [fully] Speak according to the need of the people to reopen, as they leave from there and socialize.

The company said that Hager’s employees are currently working to provide quantities of blazers and trousers to retailers.

LL Bean, Inc., reported that the sale of pants with zippers and buttons has recently begun outsourcing the elastic-waistband.

And Saks Fifth Avenue reported wearing more formal women’s clothing – including dresses, sandals and blouses, before the epidemic surfaced last year.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that many people may not have worn comfortable clothes at times, continuing the epidemic-era trend and potentially in anticipation of fewer in-person office shifts.

“I don’t need any business situation that requires me to wear a suit,” said Michael Stiver, a 24-year-old online businessman from Washington DC who said he had already worn his dress shirt.

Retailers said that many are also appearing to wear cross-over clothes that may serve multiple purposes.

For example, Massey said that it is seeing more people looking for slippers with the search term “indoor / outdoor”.

“People are figuring out ways to take their casual clothes out of the house,” the WSJ said.

Levi Strauss & Co. mentioned that she is selling more casual “mom jeans” – or pants that are more around the hips and thighs. “Jennifer Fit is our fastest growing style,” President Jennifer Sey told the outlet.

The easing of pandemic restrictions has led to people returning to personal shopping, retailers said – as they reported an increase in foot traffic.

Diamond, 46, of Beverly Hills, California, said she had recently purchased a pair of white clothes for her first shopping trip in more than a year.

“I’m starting to buy real clothes again,” Diamond told WSJ.

“It makes me feel alive.”

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