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Evaluation of Giants draft feat. Allerson smith

Allerson smith

Giants GM Dave Getelman made some trades in the NFL Draft for the first time in his career. Both were clever moves, at least on paper. The Giants added a few more pieces to add a good receiver, a good pass rusher, a cornerback and a roster in the backend of the draft that is expected to compete for the NFC East Division title.

To talk about what the Giants have done in the draft, we’ve brought with you the season finale of the “Blue Rush” podcast with Lawrence Tynes, Paul Schwartz, and me, including the Giants’ fourth-round draft pick, Allerson There is an interview with Smith.

Blue Rush Podcast with Paul, Lawrence, Jake and Sarah:

  • DAVE of TRADIN: The Giants move from the 11th pick to the 20th pick to pick Devonta Smith after the events traded from 12 to 10. Tynes feels that Tony has the potential to be better than Smith. The ball is now in the court of Jason Garrett. Tony would be a good slot receiver. Daniel Jones has too many goals. Downstairs to take Aziz Ojulari with the 50th pick. The selection could be one of the draft stealers and the Giants can stop the rush of passes if he stays healthy.
  • GUTTS OUTLOOK: Excitement around the team and Gatelman & Co. overhauled the roster. The Week 1 game should take place against the Eagles, and at MetLife Stadium. Hatred for the Eagles is at an all-time high now.


Interview of allerson smith:
Giants 4-round draft pick, Northern Iowa, outside linebacker

  • Coming to NY: Never here, need to try different NYC things and eat better pizza. Her sister lives in the city, so she has an idea of ​​what to expect. Excited to experience city life.
  • Northern Iowa / Minasota: Did not get a chance with the hometown Minnesota team. To dominate the lower level. There was a confidence boost and by playing 90 photos in a game against Iowa.
  • husband: The father was paralyzed in the last three years of his life and never complained or treated people. Used as an inspiration for his fight and on the football field for his passing and advancing.

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