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Teddi Mellencamp Says Husband Realized Being Unvaccinated Was ‘A Big Mistake’ After Getting COVID

The former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star contracted the virus after being vaccinated.

Teddi Mellencamp opened up about how she and her husband, Edwin Arroyave, were affected by COVID-19 after both contracted the virus recently.

During Monday’s episode of her podcast “Teddi Tea Pod,” the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star revealed she suffered minor symptoms compared to Edwin, as she had been vaccinated, while he had not.

“A while back I had COVID and I didn’t really talk about it because I was just really focused on making sure that I was healthy and my family was healthy,” Teddi began. “I was vaccinated and my husband was not, which he has since realized what a big mistake that was.”

“At first, he tested positive so he was quarantined,” she continued. “Then I had a feeling so I just quarantined myself as well into another room until I ended up testing positive.”

Teddi said she was sick for six days and still suffers from vertigo, a symptom of her COVID-19. “I would feel like I was laying on a water bed and then when I’d get up I’d feel dizzy. And it of lingered with me, even post-COVID, and it had been to happen.”

She even had a scary bout of it over the weekend, where she ended up falling, busting her lip and getting a black eye when woken up by her 8-year-old daughter Slate, which she recounted on Instagram.

“At 4am, Slate yelled out for me to please come to her room and as any Mom would I jumped up at mock [sic] speed and sprinted in there. By time I got to her room, my eyes went black and I fainted and busted open my cheek and lip. Luckily all was good with Slate and something worse didn’t happen to me…”

Her husband of ten years, however, was affected for 15 days by the virus.

“Edwin, he was super weak, and it was so many different things and it really was a great reminder how important it is, you know, to get vaccinated,” she said.

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