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Casino Etiquette to Make You Look Like a Pro

Casino Etiquette to Make You Look Like a Pro

If you’ve never visited a land-based before, you might be wondering about how to act like a professional and avoid any kind of social blunder. Stick to the following tried and tested tips, and you’ll be just fine.

We spoke to Jacek Michałski, who from his vast experience of casinos, understands the importance of gambling etiquette.

How to Dress

Some people start worrying about this a bit too much. If the only casinos you’ve seen were those in Casino Royale or Ocean’s Eleven, then you might think that a full black-tie look is your only option. Sure, if the you’re going to is in Monte Carlo, go all out and dress like 007 himself. If you’re paying a visit to your local casino, however, that really won’t be necessary.

While casinos do tend to have a dress code, you can liken it to dining at a nice restaurant. Smart casual is perfectly fine. If it’s a special night out, however, you can wear a shirt and tie, while ladies have an excuse to put on a cocktail dress.

Head Straight for the Roulette Wheel

A novice gambler can usually be seen around by the slots, maybe inserting the odd coin and looking a bit unsure of themself. Slots make newbies feel safe, they’re easy to play, and they don’t require any engagement with a dealer or other players.

If you really want to play the slots, then fine. But the real lies over at the tables. And there’s no greater action and fun to be had than at the roulette wheel.

When you search for a new online in Poland, check one of the most trusted casino reviews websites  https://kasynos.online/ and feel free to enjoy playing the slots all you like. Just bear in mind that with some online games, especially live dealer games, where you’re engaging with other players, basic casino etiquette still applies. You may not need to dress up to the nines, but good manners are always appreciated.

Give Blackjack a Try

Everyone knows how to play blackjack. Although, if you haven’t played it in a while, you should probably make sure you’re familiar with the rules and strategy before you visit a casino.

You’ll be fine with knowing the following moves:

While it isn’t absolutely essential, knowing basic strategy will afford you a better chance of winning at the game. And while etiquette is important, winning also helps to make your visit a more entertaining one.

If a game is being played when you arrive at the table, feel free to watch in order to familiarise yourself with the game. When you’re ready to join in the action, it’s good to ask other players if they mind you taking a place at the table.

Manage Your Budget

A game comes with its own house edge. So if you find one with a three per cent house edge, you can predict you’d get 97 do grosza back from each zloty you wager.

Now, sometimes, you’ll get less than that if you go on a bad run, while other times, you can hit a lucky streak and get much higher. The more you play, however, the more likely you are to be at or around the house edge. So, bear that in mind: the house always wins.

Have a budget so you don’t go over a certain amount. That way, if you lose, it’s not a devastating blow to your wallet, and you can sit back and watch while enjoying a drink and a few snacks. If you land a big win, that’s just the icing on the cake on what is- win or lose- a fun night out at the casino.


Now you know the basics of real etiquette, remember to be on your best behaviour. Whether going out to a land-based casino or playing online in the comfort of your own home, it will only make the experience that much more pleasurable.

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