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What Can You Clean with Steam Cleaners?

What Can You Clean with Steam Cleaners?

Many people know that steam cleaners are irreplaceable assistants in the process of cleaning various surfaces from all kinds of contaminants. This is not surprising because the scope of features of this device is wide enough. Steam cleaners perfectly cope with any contamination, even with the most persistent and old. So, what can you clean with this tool? Let’s find out!

What does the Steam Cleaner Wash?

This tool works on the principle of a double boiler. In a closed container, the water is heated to a boiling temperature, generating the hot air at a high temperature and pressure up to 4.0 bar. A feature of a commercial steam cleaner is that the hot air does not leave streaks on the surfaces to be cleaned, effectively removes heavy dirt, and does not require detergents.

Therefore, such a cleaner will be an excellent assistant in cleaning the kitchen and bathroom (tiles, stoves, hoods, shower stalls, etc.). It will also wash the floors without streaks, easily refresh air, remove odors, and give an excellent look to fabric products (carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains, etc.). If you have a special attachment provided by the design of the steam cleaner, you can easily iron clothes.

Can the Steam Cleaner Wash Mirrors and Windows?

Yes, of course. If the glass surface is small or divided into small areas, then a pointed nozzle can be used. To prevent the glass from cracking because of the hot steam, the processing should be started from a distance of about 30 cm, gradually bringing the nozzle of the steam cleaner closer to the glass. To clean normal-sized windows and mirrors, use the proprietary window attachment to easily remove traces and dirt.

How to properly remove old dirt with a steam cleaner?

Old dirt is difficult to clean with hot air. Therefore, in such cases, it will be necessary to pre-treat such areas with appropriate cleaning agents. It is necessary for the cleaning agent to work for some time, and then you can start processing the surface with a cleaner using brush attachments. The combination of mechanical cleaning and steam jet allows you to easily deal with fresh dirt, both outside and inside. It is better to remove old dirt accumulating and sticking over the years with the help of special cleaning agents and not to bring the surface to such a state in the future.

Which Steam Cleaner Can Be Used for Textiles?

It is possible to iron and smooth a thing well with a steam cleaner only with the help of an attachment. When using the attachment for the textiles, you can treat the textile thing, and also eliminate various kinds of odors. Be careful! Not every steam cleaner model has ironing attachments.

Are you interested in purchasing a steaming machine for home usage? Share with us your ideas, options, and questions.

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