Dolphins should steer clear of risky Deshaun Watson trade

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The desperate quest for a Super Bowl championship leaves no stone unturned, and while Boy Scouts are welcome, there is also always room at the Roger Goodell Inn for would-be miscreants or evil doers.

The story never changes: If you are such a talent that you can help one of the billionaire owners feed the belching golden goose, the league will eventually find a way to massage the record away with what it declares as sufficient justice on any given Sunday or day of the week.

If Deshaun Watson is granted his wish and is traded out of his legal limbo to the between now and Tuesday night’s trade deadline, he will be eligible to play … at least until the NFL decides on a date for him to be eligible for the Commissioner’s Exempt List.

Character matters in the NFL, until and unless it doesn’t. If owner Stephen Ross willingly surrenders three first-round draft picks to the Texans for Watson, he will have reached the conclusion that the devil he knows, Tua Tagovailoa, can’t hold a candle to the devil he doesn’t know.

In the meantime, until investigations into Watson’s sexual misconduct charges by the Houston police are completed and made public, a small army of massage therapists will hold to their conviction that he is the devil no one knew.

Palace intrigue at its finest.

If Ross has a panic attack and decides to pull the trigger without waiting for a resolution of Watson’s 22 civil suits, it will mean he has no fear of falling off the tightrope between “innocent until proven guilty” and “where there’s there’s fire,” fully aware that the NFL will be poised at a time of its choosing to protect the shield with its Public Conduct policy and likely six-game suspension.

Ross should do himself a favor and pass.