4 ways to make your look more stylish

When you first went to your house or apartment, you probably didn’t give much thought to decorating the hallway. It is, after all, only a way to get from one room to another, and it doesn’t scream “Accessory me!” Many, in the same way as empty walls.

But now that you have been in your place for a while, you realize that this place is not begging for new decor. And, as a bonus, since the hallways are inherently small and narrow, you won’t need a lot of time or money to visualize it a bit.

To get you started to give your hallway a whole new look, consider the following ideas:

1. Hang a mirror or two on your walls

For hallways that are extra small and / or dark and dingy, consider adding at least one mirror. Actually, it will have to Brighten your hallway immediately, While it actually helps make it look bigger than it is. Other ways to add light to this space include a table lamp placed on a narrow end table. For example, a Tiffany-style lamp or one that is sleek and modern can do the trick, as will the sconce hanging on the walls.

2. Create a gallery of artwork

Another fun way to transform your blah hallway into something beautiful is to turn it into a miniature art gallery. Depending on your style, there are many ways to go about this. For example, if you are a parent of kiddos who like to draw, turn those bare hallway walls into a place to frame and hang your beautiful creations, drawing new crayons as needed. Switch old watercolors to.

In contrast, you can download 30 of your favorite photos from your smartphone and use them Make a heart shaped photo art. From there, you can use this gorgeous piece as the focal point of the hallway and surround it with other photos of your friends and family. Another idea is to add narrow temporary shelves, top them with small sculptures, and then hang some beautiful, museum-quality oil or acrylic paintings on either side.

3. Plaster on some new wallpaper

You may have always wanted to make a room wallpaper in your home, but there were cold feet about such a large space for a particular pattern or design. However, experts will tell you that Hallway wallpapers are ideal for treatment. Because these locations are generally small, you can make a big impression with bold geographic paper or something with a jungle print. Of course, you can also go with neutral colors and patterns. The point is, you don’t have to commit to overturning four different walls, and if you opt for removable wallpaper, you can change the pattern forever.

4. Add some quilts or unclaimed wood

Why stick with a Ho-Hume painted drywall when you can top the decor ante with shap or reclaimed wood? For homes that already have a farmhouse vibe or rustic look, either of these options will have an overall meaning. But, since it is a small space, it is also okay to give it a unique look. Since you don’t want to cover such great looking walls completely, consider adding a pendant light or two, some photos or an old table with a silk vase.

Have fun with your hallway

The hallways are much more than a walkway from one room to another. They are also the empty canvases of the interior decorating world, waiting for you to add your stylish touches. Whether you opt for a new type of finish for mirrors, photos, wallpapers, or walls, adding design elements to a neutral hallway can be an enjoyable experience to help you breathe new life into your home .

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