4 year old UK girl accidentally hangs from tree

A 4-year-old UK girl hangs herself from a tree just days after becoming a sister of twins – and her mother now talks about her “hell of grief” after this grief.

South West News Service reported that Frye Thorpe wore a bicycle helmet while climbing a tree near her home in Upper Hayford, Oxfordshire in September 2019.

She slipped and fell but her helmet strap got stuck on the tree and she died despite the efforts of emergency responders.

“I’m a broken man, caught in a hell of sorrow,” said Freya, Freya’s mother, The Sun reported.

“We live in hell every day and night, torture, sheer shock and sorrow that we cannot understand,” she said.

The devastated mother told SWNS that she and her husband were “on cloud nine after a long-awaited arrival and difficult pregnancy” twins Kiara and Zac – and said she must have taken her own life had she not given birth 10 days earlier.

“A brother and sister who Freya had waited so patiently for nine long and difficult months to become an older sister,” she told the outlet.

“Early in the afternoon, Daddy had to leave the Boots pharmacy in Cowley to collect special milk because he was allergic to cows’ milk,” Ellis said.

Freya was invited to walk “10-seconds” away at a game date at the behest of the mother, where parents “” confidently let their children play.

But on the day of fate, Freya ventures out without knowing her mother.

Freya Thorpe was admitted to John Radcliffe Hospital.
Freya Thorpe was admitted to John Radcliffe Hospital.
Alice Thorpe / SWNS

“I was feeling a gut. I wanted him home. Soon after, I saw an ambulance at the end of the street – I was nervous, I don’t know why I was nervous at the time,” Ellis told SWNS.

“I called my husband to tell him that I was going to bring him back home.” He said, “No, I’m five minutes away, stay with the kids,” he said.

“I saw his car in the past and did not return from the small bridge-de-sac. I knew something was wrong, ”he said.

When she saw her husband with a firefighter, she caught the twins and took them to a bewildered area, where she first saw the responders working desperately on Freya.

After waiting at John Radcliffe Hospital for two days, she and her husband were told that their daughter could not be saved.

“I never set foot inside my house again. This is something I have lost to this day and I still remember – my house, ”said Ellis.

“I had not given birth only 10 days before, because we had died in the hospital that night, without a doubt.”

“We have received so much support over the last 18 months and we cannot tell you all how much it has helped us and for this I cannot thank everyone enough for the support, kind words and donations – Even from the people we are. Never met, ”said the mother.

“But we have also experienced scrutiny and abuse from people who have asked, ‘Where were the parents? How could they have taken it out alone?’

“This has caused all the family troubles with relatives and judgment because people did not know that Freya was not in our care when this happened.”

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