A man who attacks Spencer Jones of Oklahoma in a bar fight speaks

The Oklahoma football player, who lost an eye in a fight once this month, was coming on the other side accordingly.

Walker Brown said he was “defending himself” by accusing Spencer Jones, a soon-to-be wide receiver and place-kick holder, in the Logies’ bathroom on the Corner Bar in Norman, Okla.

A 58-second video that went viral last week caught Pall Brown, a junior junior in the school and trained wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter, landing several punches and putting Jones in the chokehold.

Jones, a redshirt senior, went through a four-hour process to recreate his left orbital socket, According to Athletic.

Police are investigating the incident, which allegedly took place in the early hours of 14 February.

No arrests have been made.

The video begins with Jones’ Brown “fk getting out of here”.

Someone standing next to Jones shook Brown. Later, Brown wipes blood from his face and stabs Jones.

Spencer jones
Spencer jones
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“There was something that happened before the start of the video because my nose didn’t flare for no reason,”“Brown wrote on a GoFundMe page Helping to pay your medical expenses.

Brown patted his bicep according to Page, raising $ 35,745.

Woodrow Glass, a lawyer representing Jones, said his client was “trying to defuse the situation,” adding that the blood on Brown’s face was not due to Jones.

Glass said Jones went to the bathroom to check on his friend, when he ended up in the middle of an argument.

The video also showed Brown’s brother, Brayden, fighting another man in the bathroom.

Brayden Brown, who is also a student in Oklahoma, tweeted on Saturday that she and her brother “have been wrestling since we were in diapers and MMA / Cage Fighting since we were 12. They unfortunately gave us no choice.” . We showed restraint. “

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