A poisoned version of Ms. Marvel battled Spider-Man, and it was terrible

Everyone is getting an evil mind control symbiosis in Marvel comics these days, and it came down to one of the brightest superheroes ever, the Dark Symbiote Null of the Moot: Ms. Marvel. In the pages of his best friend’s book, Miles Morales: Spider Man, Kamala had overtaken one of Newal’s symbiosis and had been absorbed into the mind of the hive.

What do you get when you combine a mask with a mask? Nightmare fuel.

What else is happening in the pages of our favorite comics? We will tell you Welcome to the Monday Funins, the weekly list of report doors that our comics editor took last week. This is part of the life of superheroes, reading recommendations, part “Look at this cool art.” Some may go bad. There may not be enough reference. But there will be big comics. (And if you missed the previous version, read it.)

Picture: Saladin Ahmed, Carmen Carno / Marvel Comics

The additional funny thing about this mashup is that Saladin Ahmed is the author of both Miles’ book and Kamala’s book, so he is doing his own little personal crossover here.

Apart from Apart from Funny thing is that Symbot / Kamala occupies Miles with this awesome, huge, twelve-fingered hand.

Picture: Philip Kennedy Johnson, Mikel Jenin / DC Comics

Writer Philip Kennedy Johnson will take over Superman And Action comics In March, and I can honestly say that after reading this future state Superman books, I am so excited to see where this song writer goes for a horrifying writer for epic events and the author asking for an epic scene.

Frog Thor kills his hammer, Frogjolnir, with a giant DOM in the bloodied face of Donald Blake, who picks up the entire page in Thor # 12, Marvel Comics (2021).

Picture: Donnie Cates, Nick Klein / Marvel Comics

Thor # 12 There was a whole issue about Frog Thor (a man who turned into a frog, and Thor has all the powers) fighting Donald Blake (Thor’s old alter ego who is now a separate entity, and Thor Are all powers,) And Was insane and wicked from isolation). Cates and Klein have made the fight so good that I almost couldn’t decide on a panel to include here.

I picked this up because of the large DOM-shaped panel that had a visual element of the Thor stories to Walter Simonson, the writer-artist of Thor Thor, himself the frog Thor’s old human form, Simon Walterson. What a chef’s kiss.

Helena Wayne / Batwoman, Batman / Catwoman # 3, talks with Police Commissioner Dick Grayson about the discovery of the Joker's slain body in a Florida retirement community in DC Comics (2021).  His costumes are a skin-tight gray suit, a black and yellow chest plate, and a black bat cowl that mimics the silhouette of the very first Batman design.

Picture: Tom King, Clay Mann / DC Comics

I can be close and together Batman / Catwoman, But with issue # 3, I’m back at it, as the current day of the story turned to Helena Wayne / Batwoman, investigating the mysterious murder of the Joker. Readers already know that this was done by his mother.

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