Aaron Judge on reuniting with cheating Astros at All-Star Game

SEATTLE — Aaron Judge hasn’t spoken with Jose Altuve or Carlos Correa since the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal from Houston’s 2017 World Series title run became public.

That hasn’t been an issue, but they’ll be teammates at Tuesday’s All-Star Game in Colorado and Judge said he hasn’t decided what he’s going to do.

“If it happens, it happens,’’ Judge told The Post before the Yankees’ 12-1 win over the Mariners at T-Mobile Park. “We’ll be there to celebrate the game and I don’t want to bring any past drama to take away from anything.”

The Astros ended the Yankees’ season in 2017 when Houston beat them in seven games in the ALCS in a season in which Altuve beat out Judge for the American League MVP — accomplishments that have since been tarnished or discredited in the wake of MLB’s investigation that found Houston used an elaborate electronic sign-stealing scheme in which signs would be relayed by banging a garbage can to alert hitters what pitch was coming.

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

Judge made his feelings known about the cheating scandal during spring training of 2020, when he said, “I had a lot of respect for them, the way they played and what they did. And then to find out it wasn’t earned — they cheated — that didn’t sit well with me.”

He also called the penalties handed out by MLB — none of which impacted any active players — “pretty weak for a player-driven scheme.”

Of Altuve and Correa this season, Judge said, “They’re having great years. It’ll be fun to be there.”

The Yankees close out the first half of the regular season with three games against the Astros in Houston starting on Friday.

The teams met for the first time since the scandal became public in May, when Yankee fans rode the Astros throughout the series — singling out Altuve in particular, with a “[Bleep] Altuve” chant that has continued throughout the year.

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