Aaron Judge turns head with new teeth in spring training

Much of the focus at Aaron Judge’s opening spring training press conference was on the changes he made to his offseason workouts to stay healthy this season.

But there was another change that was evident in the Yankees slager.

The judge was flashing a perfectly aligned smile to begin the 2021 season, where there was a gap in his two front teeth already present.

This is not the judge’s first dental dilemma in pinstripes. In 2017, he grit his teeth on one of the team’s helmets, celebrating Brett Gardner’s game-winning home run.

“It made me feel great,” the judge said at the time. He said, ‘I was first shocked in this way. I felt both of my teeth penetrated inside. I just tried to cover it as soon as possible and can get out of there. “

The year is a significant one for the 28-year-old, who was hampered by injuries from the previous three seasons. The judge was asked about the extension talks, but was told that there had been no meaningful discussion between him and the Yankees.

Aaron Judge looked like a freshman as the Yankees Spring Training opened on February 24, 2021
Aaron Judge looked like a new man as the Yankees Spring Training opened on February 24, 2021
Robert Sabo; Yankees

The judge said, “Our time is getting on the road.” ‚ÄúThis is not something we are focusing on right now. Our focus is on trying to win. “

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