Among the doctors COVID Gov. Cuomo denies being ‘chief advisor’

An infectious disease specialist is denying claims from the government’s administration to Andrew Kyomo that he has served as “chief advisor”, who has spoken to the governor on a “regular basis” – saying that throughout my life There is only a five-minute conversation. “

The director of the Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, Drs. Michael Osterholm went to PBS ‘”Firing Line with Margaret Hoover” where he was asked what he thought of Cuomo’s response to COVID-19 and the nursing home. Scam – which is under investigation by the FBI and the Eastern District of New York US Attorney’s Office.

“At first, I had nothing to do with my nursing home activity,” Osterholm says According to the preview of upcoming episodes. “I originally came in early June, only to review the data on a weekly basis; Does it meet the standards they set? “

The epidemiologist clarified that he has never spoken to Cuomo recently.

“I’ve had a five-minute conversation with Gov. Cuomo all my life, just a few weeks ago when he called me, just to congratulate me on a TV program,” he said.

Host Margaret Hoover pressed Osterholm that her response is completely different from Cuomo’s administration’s claim, which is that he served as the governor’s chief advisor during the response to the epidemic.

“You said that you have only spoken to Governor Cuomo once, but one of his top aides said that [Cuomo] Talked to you regularly, that you were one of his top advisors, ”she says.

“That’s not true at all,” Osterholm replies. “Never true. I have one, five minute conversation, which was a surprise. “

Cuomo’s top aide Melissa DeRosa – said in response to a New York Times article that nine top health advisers stepped down because Cuomo did not value her advice – telling lawmakers last week that Dr. Anthony Fauci and Osterholm are considered the “Chief Advisers” of the Governor. , ” According to the transcript obtained by Politico That offered new details in their conversation.

Osterholm reiterated in a PBS interview that his role was just to review the data as he was asked to do by the staff at Cuomo.

“I have a paper trail of all emails,” he said. “Have I ever been asked to do this, whether it matches the red, green or yellow area numbers? And that was it. I have never, I have not discussed with him and I have not met any of them. I never did a zoom call with any of them. “

The Post exclusively revealed last week that DeRosa privately admitted in front of Democratic lawmakers that the administration concealed nursing home death numbers with the fear that they would be prosecuted by federal prosecutors.

DeRosa’s blistering entry prompted lawmakers to call for investigation on both sides of the aisle.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi said in response to the first federal investigation, “As we said publicly, the DOJ has been paying attention to it for months. We are cooperating with them and we will continue this. “

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