Amy Brenneman on the occultists in ‘Tell Me Your Secrets’

Amy Brenneman played a mother in search of her missing daughter in the Amazon thriller series “Tell Me Your Secrets” during the premiere on Friday.

“It’s a great potballer, it’s huge,” Brenneman, 56, told the Post about the 10-episode drama, which follows three esoteric characters: Mary (Brenneman), who discovered her college-aged daughter Determined to move forward grieving seven years ago – even her husband and son; Emma Hall (Lily Rabe), a jailed woman who would have been well acquainted with a serial killer. Thea could learn the information about Mary’s daughter’s fate; and John (Hamish Linkletter), a former hunter who is trying to extricate himself.

“I think the more profound part is that there are good people and not bad people,” Brenneman said. “People [in this show] They are pushed to their limits, and the person you are distracting is also as a human. “

As the plot unfolds, the three are interwoven into each other’s stories, and past relationships emerge.

“I was a long time serious fan of Hamish, so I was thrilled when I found out that he was playing John,” Brenneman said. “Because you never really know what’s going on when you’re with her. In life or in art, she’s super-vibrant and fun.”

Amy Brenneman plays a mother in search of her missing daughter in the Amazon thriller series
Amy Brenneman plays a mother in the Amazon thriller series in search of her missing daughter.
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Brenneman asked the show’s producer, Harriet Warner, for recommendations for a book or film to get in the mood for “All Me Me Secrets”, which was filmed in New Orleans.

“He turned me into this show Valley Happy Valley ‘, which really turned me into a whole bunch of BBC shows that have great characters. ‘Happy Valley’ is still one of my favorite shows. I thought, ‘If that’s the case, we’re great,’ “Brenneman said. “It’s got the characters you love, and you love them so much that you don’t judge their actions.

“You are scared for them; You are sad for them; You are just in it with them. “

Brenneman, who initially emerged prominently on “NYPD Blue” and the 1995 film “Heat”, played his starring roles ranging from doctors (“private practice”) to members (“The Leavers”). Watching Amy, “which aired for six seasons on CBS (1999–2005). She said that she can usually tell which of her roles she is being told by a fan.

“Tell Me Your Secrets” premiered Friday on Amazon.
Courtesy of Amazon Studios

“It’s interesting. I think it’s right for the demographics. When it’s a younger person [coming up to me], Especially women below 25 years, it is always ‘private practice’. When it’s a grown man it’s ‘Judging Amy’ and it used to be ‘heat’ for anyone – but now it’s ‘heat’ and ‘the leftover’. I like showing all aspects of a character, and just have to be a smart writer who is comfortable with seeing the world as complex as it can be. When things get too simple, I run out of scrutiny. “

Subsequently, Brenneman will co-star in FX on HUL’s spy drama “The Old Man”, which will mark Jeff Bridges’ small screen starring role. The show follows a former intelligence officer (Bridges) who is forced to enter a world left behind after an assassination attempt and does not yet have a premiere date.

“The best work in the world, the best man in the world – this [John] Lithgow and Bridges and for me, it is heaven, ”said Brenneman. “About a year ago I was [filming] With jeff [and] We didn’t really have different content from each other. It seems to be one of those pre-pandemic heavenly things, like ‘did I really do that?’

“But we’ll get it back,” he said. He said Combat lymphoma Which is being treated successfully, so we will start again. But this is awesome. My character is like this innocent who gets stuck in his crazy situation, but he also exposes a dark side of himself, maybe – there’s a subject to do [roles] I am ready

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