Andrew Yang does not support prioritizing faith-based secular education

Andrew Yang, the usher at Gracie Mansion, made an extraordinary defense of the Yeshiva schools that emerged from the Big Apple on Thursday, telling a Jewish-run mayor forum that the city has little business to set “secular curricula” for religious institutions.

After Randy Weingarten asked him, Yang, a moderator during a commentary during a virtual New York City mayor forum hosted by New York’s Jewish Agenda: “As mayor, how will you ensure that every child receives what New York The state constitution calls for a sound basic education, secular subjects, not only public schools, but also Yashiva and other religious schools. ”

Yang replied, “When I looked at the Yesiva question, the first thing I wanted to see was Randy – what the consequences were, what the results are.”

A tech entrepreneur and a leading Democratic front-runner in the Mayor’s race, said, “I don’t think we should set a curriculum until the performance of the course can show a better impact on people’s career tracts and prospects.”

Yang’s remarks fly in front of a damaging 2019 report on the city’s Yeshiva schools by the Department of Education which found that just two out of 28 provided adequate secular education to their students.

“If a school is producing the same results, like, I don’t think we should describe the rigorous curriculum,” said Yang, who then spoke of his experience in high school.

“I would also say that when I was in public school, we studied the Bible for a month. Bible as literature, ”he said. “If this was enough for my public school, I don’t think we are somehow prioritizing secularism over faith-based education.”

A boy is walking into a yeshiva school in Brooklyn on April 26, 2018.
A boy attends a Yeshiva school in Brooklyn on April 26, 2018.
AP Photo / Mark Lenihan, File

The DOE report found that a Jewish religious school had no instruction in basic subjects such as mathematics, English, history and science. Of the 28 schools, just two had instructed that “it was currently considered largely equivalent”, according to state educational standards, the report found.

Yang first Told the Jewish publication The Forward If he is elected mayor of New York City, he will not take action to increase secular education in the yeshivas.

Once Democratic presidential candidate Yang said, “As mayor, I always respect religious freedom, including the freedom of parents, which is educationally best for their children.” “Thus, we should not interfere in their religious and parental choice as long as the results are good.”

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