Apple forgot to revolutionize the magic mouse’s notorious charging port

Apple on Tuesday revealed a redesigned iMac and Magic keyboard at its “Spring Loaded” event, but for some reason, decided not to change Magic Mouse 2’s infamous charging solution. While the mouse will come in new colors to match the new iMacs, Apple confirmed The Reporter Door Its charging port is still downstream – meaning that five and a half years after it was introduced, Apple still feels that the best way to charge the mouse is by turning it on (assuming it is useless) and Be plugged into a lightning cable. .

The Magic Mouse’s charging position has long been a matter of pranks – my former colleague Nick Statt equaled it back in December 2015 to look like “a beetle with his legs in the air”, and frankly, I Am doing Tough time to come up with better details.

Magic Mouse 2, Charging.

Why didn’t Apple take the opportunity to change things with the new iMac and Magic Keyboard? The company made clear and good improvements in both of those products. Why not bend the design of the Magic Mouse, say, there is a charging port on the front? This is how wired / wireless mice have done for years, including our favorite gaming mouse.

There is some hope that Apple is ready to dump the bad design, though. Previously Apple Pencil had a similar meme-able charging solution that required you to plug directly into the iPad’s Lightning port, but Apple supported it years later with the Apple Pencil 2 by allowing it to wirelessly charge from the side of the iPad. .

Old Apple Pencil, Charging.

And Apple finally responded to complaints about the disappointingly final touchpad on Apple TV’s remote by unveiling the new Siri remote, which is a scroll wheel and a clickpad. I’m crossing my fingers Apple will update the next Magic Mouse.

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