Austin River sounds like he’s hanging on to the Knicks to trade him

Knicks guard Austin River arrived as an experienced team leader who was ready to close the game as a backup.

On Wednesday, in his first comment since the Derrick Rose trade, he sounded like a man who was said to be trading, sometimes disappointingly forging past periods of his Knicks stint.

Ironically, Tom is friends with Thibodo Rivers’ father, Doc Rivers. The Sixers were interested in the river entering free agency, but the doctor nixed it. It is unclear whether Doc Rivers, happy to sign his son with the Nucks, will now be up for it.

Once the Super Bowl with the Pistons arrived daily after Sunday trade, River was removed from the rotation. Rumors of rivers burning were heard even before the rivers started.

“As long as I’m here, I’m here,” Rivers said. “If I am doing business today, tomorrow or the next day, I cannot control it. What I can control is how I am as a player and what I can bring to this team every day. It is ready all the time, regardless of whether my name is called or not, and youth, be ready to play youth. I’ll be ready to play as long as I’m here, though for a long time.

Nux to austin river
Knicks guard Austin River on February 15, 2021.
NBAE via Getty Image

Rivers had some memorable moments in both games as the Knock – Domestic League-best Utah. But now he has made just two appearances in the last eight matches in garbage time, a total of five minutes.

Rivers said that he and Thibodo talked daily after business and got the good news.

“They told me after the game (on February 7 vs. Miami) that they were bringing Derrick in,” Rivers said. “I had already taken a kind of heard stuff before the season started that he was going to come here.” My whole point is, control what I can control. When he told me that he was coming, I said ‘OK’ and obviously the stuff about me was being taken elsewhere. With everyone like this in the air, my point is as long as I’m just a Naik to be a professional. I don’t know what could happen today or tomorrow or next week or after. Every day that I am here, I will always be inside. “

Rivers, a former Clippers and Rockets guard, signed a three-year contract in November, but only the first season is guaranteed.

“It was no burden on me,” Rivers said. “I got to play basketball here and got to learn.”

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