Bay Ridge Ridge Metro shown on new surveillance footage

Police released a new surveillance video last week of Maggar, an elderly man in a Bay Ridge metro station.

Police said the 68-year-old victim was on the southbound platform of the Bay Ridge Ridge Avenue train station around 3:30 pm Friday when a man punched her in the face and body before taking her wallet and metrocard.

The victim refused to seek medical attention at the scene.

Police said the suspect then ran out of the station.

In surveillance video released late Monday, he is shown walking on a nearby pavement, wearing a red cap and black face mask, and is seen talking on the phone.

Police said on Friday that the attacker was involved with a partner. Officials said a person jumped into an R train.

Suspect wanted in metro attack in Bay Ridge.
Police are searching for this person in connection with the metro attack in Bay Ridge.

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