Biden revokes anarchist jurisdiction of cities naming Trump’s order

President Biden on Wednesday repeated former President Donald Trump’s September memorandum instructing the federal bureaucracy to consider pulling funds from “anarchist courts”, including New York City, Portland and Seattle.

Trump’s order, previously reported by The Post, was implemented by the White House Office of Management and Budget and lingered on the Justice Department, determining whether to tolerate rising violent crime or protest violently Permission granted.

Biden’s decision to rescind the order came in a list of Trump’s actions that he repealed through a single executive order. Other aborted Trump works include a memo that promoted classical architecture for use in federal buildings.

The Biden order states “the heads of executive departments and agencies shall immediately take steps to protect any order, rules, regulations, guidelines or policies, or portions thereof, which shall enforce or consider the President’s identified actions . “

The effect of the designation was possibly severe. New york city meets About 7 billion dollars In annual federal aid. New York lists $ 1 billion in cuts from NYPD budget amid trappings near shootings in July and August.

The Trump administration designation put three cities at a disadvantage in making federal granting decisions as Trump condemned their reactions to crime and social unrest following George Floyd’s death.

White House press secretary Jane Saki indicated during a briefing this month that the “anarchist jurisdiction” policy could be abolished.

“We are in a new administration and are definitely reviewing a series of policies and following our own path. But I do not think I am going to comment on the policies from a year before the former administration, ”said Saki in response to a question in the post.

Trump’s director of White House office management and budget and head advocate for the “anarchist” designation, Ros Watt, told The Post this month that Biden should keep the policy.

“My hope is that the Biden administration will refuse to subsidize taxpayers at the state and local levels with unsuccessful dollars that have caused unrest and destruction in many communities. This is my hope, not my expectation, ”said Watt, now president of the Center for American Restoration.

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