Biden Says He Was ‘Professor’ – Tapping $ 1M Gig With Some Meetings

President Biden said at a virtual summit of world leaders on Friday that he was a “professor” two years ago – a role that previously attracted controversy, as he was handsomely paid for nine alleged visits to campus.

Despite rarely appearing at an Ivy League school, Biden earned nearly $ 1 million from the University of Pennsylvania from 2017 to 2019.

Biden said in an address to the Munich Security Conference, “Two years ago, as you said, when I last spoke in Munich, I was a private citizen. I was a professor, not an elected official. “

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron were among the leaders involved in the speech, which included a private morning discussion between G7 leaders.

Biden was an honorary professor at the Philadelphia School from February 2017 to April 2019.

He was paid $ 371,159 in 2017 and $ 540,484 in 2018 and 2019. Investigative report from Philadelphia Inquirer.

President Joe Biden
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the University of Pennsylvania in 2018.
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According to a compilation of Biden appearances by Daily Experimental, Biden visited the campus At least nine times

. One of these trips was a November 2017 event promoting his book “Promise Me, Dad”.

Other Biden visits included Q&As with UFN administrators, a lecture for Wharton Business School graduate students and public events with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Former President Donald Trump is an alum of the university. Biden graduated from the nearby University of Delaware in 1965. He received a law degree from Syracuse University.

Joe Biden
Biden earned approximately $ 1 million from the University of Pennsylvania from 2017 to 2019.
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At UPenn, Biden held the position of “Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor” in February 2017, just after leaving the vice-presidency. When he began his presidential campaign, he took leave from this role.

In his brief period of not holding public office, Biden A gust of wind Speaking in colleges, according to financial disclosures. He gave $ 190,000 to speak at Drew University in New Jersey, $ 182,000 from Lake Michigan College and $ 180,000 at Vanderbilt University.

This week Bid dismissed Flat-to-Democracy flat out by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for pardoning up to $ 50,000 in per capita student loans.

Joe Biden
Biden held the position of “Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor” in February 2017.
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On the campaign trail, Biden researched in South Carolina to say that “instead of taking the Wall Street job”, he “became a teacher, became a professor” – not to mention his compensation or the fact that He does not actually teach any semester long courses.

Before becoming vice president in 2009, Biden was an assistant professor of law at Vidner University in Pennsylvania For 17 years And classes taught while serving in the Senate.

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