Bigg Boss 14 Epic Fights: From Rakhi Sawant’s ‘Nose’ drama to Rubina Dillik, Jasmin Bhasin’s ‘Ugly’ Chaos – 5 naughty controversies in the season

Big Boss The play is known for serving no other reality show on television. Over the years, the house has seen many ugly controversies that have divided fans online. Having said that, there are only two days left for the finale and soon the show will get its winner. However, before that, let’s check out some bad fights Big Boss This year that reduced the amount of your stupid box. Recently, from Rakhi Sawant’s Duck Face Drama to Jasmine Bhasin being cut out for Finale Task while Rubina Dilac was cut, we have covered. Results of Bigg Boss 14 winner poll: Fans describe Rubina Dilaiik as Victor; Rahul Vaidya in second place and Rakhi Sawant in third place!

Jasmin Bhavin VS Rakhi Sawant

If you have followed the show strictly, you will remember the battle between Rakhi and Jasmine. During an act, when Jas forcibly mouths (props) over Sawant’s head, the item girl weeps, alleging that Bhasin broke her nose. Even though Rakhi kept crying, Jasmine called it a drama for the cameras.

Jasmine Bhasin, Rakhi Sawant (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Vikas Gupta pushes Arshi Khan in the pool

From the day Vikas entered the show, Arshi provoked her every moment by saying sick things about her family. The man controlled himself several times, but lost his cool when he said something about his mother and fit into anger and forcibly pushed her into the pool. Vikas was dropped from the show for this.

Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Devolina Bhattacharjee attacked Arshi Khan

As seen on the show, the now-evicted Arshi had a habit of taunting him at a constant time, until she lost it completely. After Arshi said that ‘Did you die

‘For Devo, she can’t take it and starts destroying Big Boss’ Property. She also stuffed food inside Arshi’s mouth when she accused him of ruining her food. Bigg Boss 14: Fans of Rahul Vaidya cannot keep calm, a traffic constable to put #VoteForRahul stickers everywhere (see video).

Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Arshi Khan (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Rubina Dilac with Ugly’s fight Jasmin Bhasin

In the recent Ticket to Finale task, we saw Rubina horning up with Jasmine Bhasin, Ellie Gony’s connection. When Ruby tagged Jas as an ‘ugly-mouthed woman’, the latter only heard the ugly word and yelled at Dillick. The catfight didn’t end there and Ellie had to jump to calm them down.

Rubina Dilac, Jasmine Bhasin (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Kavita Kaushik threatens Rubina

Kavita and Rubina quarrel after Abhinav Shukla’s earlier threat to reveal his real identity. This upset Ruby and gave it to Kaushik Khokli Dhamki On national TV. Kavita walked out the door due to logic and never returned Bb 14.

Kavita Kaushik, Rubina Dilac (Photo Credit: Instagram)

This is it, friends! These are some of the high-peach and gross fight of the latest season of the reality show. Big Boss There can never be drama and controversy and the above examples are proof. Stay for Report door For all the latest updates Bb 14.

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