Bigg Boss 14 Winner: Rubina Dilac VS Rakhi Sawant – Ranking of finalist for best chance at emerging champion!

Television’s most popular reality show Bigg Boss 14 It will eventually end on February 21, 2021. With this, fans will also get their winner. So, who do you think will be crowned by the top five contestants this year? Is this strong woman Rubina Dilac, barbaric hero Rahul Vaidya, mastermind Elie Goni, supreme entertainer Rakhi Sawant, or dark horse Nikki Tamboli? Well, every year, the contestant, who has been constantly churning out material, and of course, has taken home the trophy for his genuine feelings on national TV. And as an enthusiastic audience Big Boss, I have followed this season since day one and so here is the ranking of finals who can win it from top to bottom. Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik, Rakhi Sawant, Eli Goni, Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli, tears in her eyes after seeing her journey on the reality show (see video).

Rubina Dilac

I completely echo the same sentiment as Google, that Ruby has the maximum chance of winning Bigg Boss 14. Ever since she entered the show, she has been true to herself. She should look smart, confident, calculative, strong, opinionated and, above all, like a modern woman.

Despite all the criticism she has cried all the time. From standing up against her bestie Jasmine Bhasin, to not giving a free pass to Rakhi Sawant to exceed her limits, when Abhinav Shukla came in front, Rubina was always clear in her thoughts. Bigg Boss 14: Google announced Rubina Dilaiq as the winner of Salman Khan’s controversial reality show ahead of the grand finale!

Rubina Dilac (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

Rakhi Sawant

Yes, I know, you will wonder why Rakhi is in two places? Well, the answer lies in the channel’s decision to enter the show as a challenge and to pick things up as a spice. The show was described as boring before she went ahead and dazzled in entertainment. You can call her cheap, rude and etc. But she is rakhi for you.

By playing it like a boss, talking about his personal life, Big Boss It was really fun after her entry. And what can you expect when you have money? We’ve all been seeing him for years, loving him or hating him? Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant Sobs during the nomination process for Abhinav Shukla (see video).

Rakhi Sawant – Abhinav Shukla (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Rahul Vaidya

Frankly, I never thought that Rahul would overcome it. But surprisingly, after a few episodes, the singer fires to win. Big Boss’

Winner title and it was just wow.

The reason I gave him three places is that after his re-entry, that person has lost the plot. Currently, he lacks passion and I think he is playing with Disha Parmar and Eli Gony on the show. All in all, he has completely lost the plot now as an individual contestant. Results of Bigg Boss 14 winner poll: Fans describe Rubina Dilaiik as Victor; Rahul Vaidya in second place and Rakhi Sawant in third place!

Rahul Vaidya (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Ellie Gony

Eli Gony is definitely one of the smartest players on the reality show. But what I am seeing, you may or may not have seen. In this case, he entered the show as a wild card and never took Panga With Rubina, as she knew, she has a huge fan following and this will affect her game. Therefore, the only way out was to be cordial with him.

Secondly, Goni is living every emotion with Jasmine on the reality show, but can’t confirm that the two are seeing each other? strange. He certainly brought the game plan to the show and it worked in his favor, but still, there is more to his personality that is still hidden. Bigg Boss 14 Epic Fights: From Rakhi Sawant’s ‘Nose’ drama to Rubina Dilac, Jasmin Bhasin’s ‘Ugly’ Chaos – 5 Naughty Braves The Season.

Bigg Boss 14: Jasmine Bhasin, L Goni (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Nikki Tamboli

The show’s youngest girl, Nikki, loved to be straight ahead at the beginning of the game. However, later, she moved from fab to blah and remained the most Badtameez Contestant on history BB.

Of course, she is still under fire for winning the show, but going by her traits, what she has shown in the reality show is a thumbs up for her. If only the show was about insulting other contestants, it should have been the winner in that department. Bigg Boss 14: A chance for Nikki Tamboli to get a prize of Rs 6 lakh and opt out of the reality show? (Watch the video).

Nikki Tamboli (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

This is it, friends! This is a ranking of contestants. However, your taste may be different. Having said that, I will repeat and as seen above it is a tough call between Rubina, Rakhi and Rahul (three rupees). Do you agree with the list? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. stay tuned!

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