Boost your productivity with this all-in-one minimalist desk

Bags of afternoon energy can affect your performance at work. When your concentration decreases, you cannot exhaust your to-do list for the day.

One way to dip the afternoon energy is to have a more active working environment. One of the best ways to conduct energy is by standing up. You can start such a lifestyle with a piece of ergonomic furniture Comer All-in-One Standing Desk (Komhar).

Comer is the latest desk by FlexiSpot. It is an advanced, space-efficient height-adjustable desk with a modern tempered glass desktop, finished with rounded edges for improved safety, comfort and elegance.

In addition to helping you sit and stand throughout the day, you can use other facilities such as:

1. Minimum footprint with built-in desk storage

In addition to a huge 48 “x 24” desk that takes up minimal floor space, Komar has a convenient pull-out desk drawer that allows home-based workers plenty of space to organize and store all their desk essentials Gives room.

2. Embedded Charging Port

With three built-in USB charging ports (2 TYPE-A and 1 TYPE-C), the comer makes it easy to keep multiple devices throughout the day while eliminating the need for valuable space-consuming Clooney desktop charging stations.

3. Electric height adjustment

The desk lifts up and lowers with the simple press of a button so users can shift from sitting comfortably and still working. The desk is also customizable with four programmable height presets so that multiple users in a family can save their preferred height settings.

4. Child safety work

The integrated control panel provides a child lock button to prevent curious little fingers from playing with the control buttons. It also has anti-collision technology that prevents damage to the desk in motion or crushing other objects.

5. trouble-free installation

With a factory-installed crossbeam to give work-in-home professionals a headstart in assembly, this workstation is easy to get up and running in under five minutes.

best Match

If you want to experience the benefits of an ergonomic workstation, you can opt for a chair that provides the best support for your body. check out Flexipot’s soutine, An office chair designed to provide adequate lumbar support.

Stay awake

It can be difficult to combat fatigue. But you can increase your energy as much as possible. With Comer, you will be encouraged to move more while working, which, in turn, will help power you through the day.

The comer comes in five stylish finishes: white, black, natural, white tempered glass, and black tempered glass. You can buy this item

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