Boy from school bus remembered at funeral

A large crowd of mourners gathered outside a Brooklyn synagogue Wednesday evening for the funeral of a 6-year-old child who was badly hit by his school bus.

The sad father of the younger Simeon Fried remembered his son as a “special child”, as he spoke to relatives, friends and other members of the Orthodox Jewish community in South Williamsburg.

“He wanted to learn and grow,” Simeon’s father’s father, Malki Fried, said in Yiddish.

A crowd of about 200 was brought to tears as the grieving father recalled how his son, even a child, “always wanted to grow and get better.”

“She is a very pious child,” Fried continued. “He did unusual things for his age.”

“He was like a rabbi … He was a special child.”

Young’s grandfather, his school principal and family friends also spoke at an hour-long outdoor ceremony on Climer Avenue near Withe Avenue.

A group of men were then seen carrying the child’s coffin away, bowing their heads.

Hours after the tragic incident at South 5th and Hooper streets, the heart-pounding funeral took place at 4 pm.

Authorities said the young boy was on the road at around 8:30 am when he was hit by a yellow school bus as he fell away.

His 9-year-old brother was made on board just a few steps ahead of him.

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