Brittany Renner would have saved me $20 million

Brittany Renner would have saved me $20 million


Deion Sanders believes he’d be $20 million wealthier if he’d heard Brittany Renner’s life advice when he was in college at Florida State.

During a recent chat with Renner on his podcast, “21st and Prime,” Sanders said he wished he had heard her advice sooner.

Deion Sanders in January 2019
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“Let me tell you something. If I had her in my ear,” Sanders said, according to the Clarion Ledger. “If I had been sitting in that room at Florida State and I had her come and lay it out like she laid it out. If I would have had that I would be at least $20 million richer.”

Back in October, Sanders invited Renner to speak to his Jackson State football team. The Instagram personality, who is an alum of the Mississippi HBCU, explored the topic of transactional relationships. Renner warned the players to be vigilant about hitching their wagons to someone who is there for a good time but flees at the first sight of adversity.

When Renner responded, “Oh, really,” to Sanders’ comments on his podcast, the NFL legend then delved into greater detail.

“Yeah, because of the game,” Sanders said. “Because everything she elaborated on, I would have been more prepared for the game of life. I was prepared for the game of football, but not that other game. Because I was so locked in. And then I misconstrued what love and some women were. If I would have had that, I promise you, at least 20. At least $20 million richer because of the divorces, the lawyer fees, all the bull junk that I’ve gone through as a man.”

Brittan Renner
Brittany Renner

Sanders, 54, has had two marriages, both of which ended in divorce.

Renner, meanwhile, has had a publicly tumultuous relationship with Charlotte Hornets forward P.J. Washington. Last month, Renner opened up about the ill-fated romance, and denied recent allegations that she had a child with Washington to “bamboozle” him for money.”