Bronx shootout with NYPD casts doubt for life

A suspect is struggling for life early Sunday after a shootout with NYPD officers in the South Bronx.

Authorities had contacted the suspect at midnight, at the corner of East-Middle Street and Third Avenue, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Sources said the suspect drew a gun and opened fire on the officers.

At least one officer extinguished the fire, striking the suspect.

Sources said the suspect was taken to Lincoln Hospital near death. His gun was recovered at the scene.

It is unclear why the suspect was stopped at the desolate intersection, a busy commercial strip filled with a mix of chain and mom-and-pop retail stores during the day.

Till about 3 o’clock, 20 police vehicles were present there as the police continued the operation at the crime scene.

Just five minutes’ drive away at East 152nd Street and Westchester Avenue, more police were processing the scene of a raging, 2-car crash.

A Toyota SUV crashed into the pillar of an elevated metro line, and then exploded.

“He crashed into the pole,” a witness, who gave his name as Louis, told The Post.

“I was in my second-story apartment and I heard Boom. I look out of the window, and the man was driving, the driver, “he said.

“And the car caught fire. The police immediately followed him – I think they were already following him. ”

Luis and another witness said that a second person was pulled from the burning vehicle by police.

“They pulled him into cuffs,” she said.

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