BTS record label searching for next K-pop sensation

Don’t listen to the notorious #BTSArmy about this: Boy bands are gearing up for a fight to become hopeful next BTS.

The label behind Big Hit Entertainment, the K-pop sensation, and Universal Music Group will develop the new band, according to a joint statement on Wednesday.

“I believe that UMG and Big Hit will create a synergy that will rewrite global music history,” said Big Hit Chief Executive Officer Bang Si-Hyuk. The artist will debut under a new label created by Gehen Records of BHE and Universal.

The global music giants are planning an “survival-type” reality contest show aimed at giving American audiences a look Is notorious – and Occasionally Controversial – K-pop industry machine. Some artists and groups have been known to coach for years with performance coaches and other tutors – one would be pop stars with others in the dormitory – well before their acts premiered.

UMG Chief Executive Sir Lucian Grinz said, “With its new approach to developing artists and the adoption of new technology, Big Hit has become one of the most dynamic companies in music entertainment.”

According to music writer Sarah Bathke, the Shoed series format has already produced popular acts in South Korea Speak with BBC.

BTS ‘2020 album “Map of the Soul: 7,” featuring recent hits “On” and “Boy with Love” No. 1 Sales Body Record Composite album sales from last year, and No. 2, including digital, sold with 674,000 – second only to Taylor Swift’s “Folklore”, which unloaded a total of 1.27 million.

The competition is already under way, as legendary Korean solo artist Varsha discusses the launch of Siefer, a new K-pop group under her charge, in an interview with Korea’s 1 Look. According to K-pop news site Sompo.

Korean singer Ren - aka Jung Ji-hoon - is also developing a new K-pop group, Sifar.
Korean singer Ren – aka Jung Ji-hoon – is also developing a new K-pop group, Sifar.
Visual China Group via Getty Images

“I felt like I could bet on them all,” said 38-year-old musician Jung Ji-hoon.

“There were a lot of factors that were involved in the cipher-making process, but when I met these kids, I felt that I could bet on them all,” the custodian said.

“Whether the group has good results or not, I don’t think I will regret the things given to this group. In this way they are talented and good. “

In addition to Jiffen, the label’s universal roster of hit-making also includes Capital, Def Jam and Abbey Road Studios.

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