Cam Heilton’s young Heckler issued an apology, saying the situation was ‘wrong’

Vam, Bomb, Sorry, Cam.

Jesseth Owens, a young football player who pacified Cam Newton at Newton’s 7v7 camp over the weekend, issued an apology on Twitter, calling the entire situation a “miscommunication”.

Apologies in its entirety:

First and foremost (thus) I would like to express my deepest apologies to Cam Newton, my entire Org, and my coaches for their actions in the 7v7 tournament last weekend. I did not intend for it as much as he did! First I would like to start by saying that my parents never taught me abusive. As a football player I let my competitive side get the best of me and it was a huge misunderstanding. It was in the middle of the moment and I now realize how many of you took it as an insult. I did not mean to degrade anyone and let anyone down. I am very admired for 7v7, even allowing me to separate from the community and allow me to separate from the team that I currently belong to. I think it may determine my future as a youth who has very big dreams / goals, but I will not allow it to stop me from getting to where I need to be. Therefore, I apologize and hope that I can be forgiven.

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The exchange, which was caught on camera, told Owens to Newton, “You’re a free agent,” “You’re gonna be poor” and “You’re an asshole again and again”. There is hardly any “miscommunication” as Owens said, but hopefully he learns his lesson from it.

Owens has felt the full outbreak of the internet as the video has hit the ‘net’, with proportions and perhaps a little unfair to people for lack of judgment. However, Newton found it difficult, smiling and asking to speak to Heckler’s father and remind Owens that he was “rich”.

Here’s hoping that Owens leaves it behind and continues to build upwards.

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