Child killed in Brooklyn dumpster ruled a murder: police

The death of a child discovered inside a Brooklyn dumpster has been charged with a murder, police said early Tuesday.

On Wednesday, police said 27-year-old Jamaican Smal, the child’s mother, had already been charged with negligence.

The Brooklyn DA’s office will handle any advanced charges, police said.

The younger called the police around 4:50 pm Wednesday to say that she had given birth to a baby boy but did not know where the baby was.

Police sources said the child was dumped in the trash. Police found the baby, whose gender was not immediately known, in the dumper.

According to sources, the infant died of a head injury, although it was not clear how the child endured that injury.

The woman appears to have given birth earlier this month – and investigators at some point reported that her boyfriend threw the child, according to police sources.

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