China reportedly gave COVID-19 tests to US diplomats

The Chinese government has used anal swab to test US diplomats for COVID-19 – but Beijing insisted to Washington that the butt investigation was “accidentally,” according to a report.

The Foreign Ministry stated, “The State Department never agreed to such a test and protested directly in front of the Foreign Ministry. Told VICE World News on Wednesday.

Washington complained that the rather aggressive process had not been determined according to the report.

The state spokesman said Beijing had assured Washington that the tests had been “erroneously” given – and that diplomats were exempted from the tests, which were required for travelers arriving in parts of China.

“We have instructed to reject this test if it is asked to them, as it has been done in the past,” the representative told VICE World News, in which it was unclear how many diplomats or members of his family had taken this. The process had to go through.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian denied Beijing on Thursday, even asking American diplomats to undergo anal tests.

“According to my information … China has never needed a US diplomatic staff stationed in China,” Reuters told a daily news briefing in Beijing.

In an email to Reuters, a State Department spokesman said it was “committed to guaranteeing the safety of American diplomats and their families, while maintaining their dignity.”

Authorities in China have used anal swabs to test people considering high risk of disease, including confirmed residents, as well as neighborhood residents, with confirmed cases, according to AFP.

Tests using anal swabs can avoid missing infections because viral scars or anal spasms in fecal specimens may persist longer than those from the respiratory system, most recently from a respiratory specialist in Beijing Tongzeng told State TV.

The stool test can also be more effective in detecting infections in children because their waste carries a higher viral load than adults, researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said in a paper published last year.

China’s National Health Commission said in an online post that in some cases, the lethal bug can be detected more easily in anal bugs than in throat and nose samples.

According to the instructions of the Commission, samples are collected by inserting a cotton swab from one to two inches into the rectum.

In September, a passenger traveling from Australia to China was tested with anal cavity, told VICE World News that the procedure was like diarrhea.

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