Clap’s Knife by Warriors in first game with fans at MSG

It was as if 11 months in a month was celebrated in the garden with enthusiasm.

A lively crowd of 2,000 cheered the Knicks, incited the Warriors and killed the referee on Tuesday night. But in the end, the first garden crowd of the season – which the team spokesman called a sellout – could only do so and the Warriors’ talent prevailed.

Golden State defeated the Knicks in the second half after a 114–106 victory. Stephen Curry racked up 37 points and Draymond Green was on the court in a defensive gem.

Green clashed newly-produced All-Star Julius Randle from the field, piling up 11 performers, two steals and a block. Randall finished with 25 points in 8 of 21 shootings and kicked out with 17.5 seconds after choosing his second technical.

Indeed, the Knicks were later disappointed, with coach Tom Thibodo and Derrick Rose releasing each issue with a lack of calls going the way of the Knicks – perhaps allowing them to shoot just 39 percent.

The Knights lost 114–106 to the Warriors in the first game of fans returning to watch the game at the Garden.
The Knights lost 114–106 to the Warriors in the first game of fans returning to watch the game at the Garden.

“Sometimes you get a call, sometimes you don’t,” Thibodo said. “It seemed that there was a lot of contact on our drive and we did not get the call. We have to deal with that, yes. ”

Meanwhile, RJ Barrett had a tough night, shooting 1 of 9 for four points and giving up 1:26. The Knicks allowed the Warriors to steal the win despite capturing Golden State with 15 points in the fourth quarter.

“Obviously we didn’t play well,” Thibodo said. He said, “He played really well. The shooting tells of their crime and Drummond is very good at making decisions, so it makes you very pretty. ‘

The crowd was in its opening hours when Barrett was called for a foul on Kyle Oubre, driving 59.8 seconds left. Thibodo lost the challenge, making the Jerring Gardens faithful as well.

Thibodo ranks after losing the challenge.

“I didn’t think there was a dishonesty,” Thibodo said. “Obviously they felt differently. It was like my vantage, if she was a dishonest, there were many others who were fouls as well as she was not called. It cannot be one way and this is what you are looking for. You are just looking for stability. “

At night it seemed that all of this would be special when Randall took the microphone before tipoff for the “MVP” chants, thanked the essential workers and said, “Let’s go!”

Rose said, “Right from the jump, you can tell they were excited for Xu. “You forget how much energy and bounce you get when you are a fan in a building. We hope things keep improving and allow more fans to come in. You can tell that the city is excited and waiting for some games to arrive. ‘

During player introductions, the Warriors were booed well, as did one of their players leading to the foul line.

“Fans were surprised,” Curry said. “It is amazing to silence a crowd of 19,000 or 2,000.”

After Green hit two straight deep shots, fans on the blue seats started chanting “Dry-Mund”. “It all felt refreshing after about two months of a sterile garden environment that had computer-generated noise.

Keen fans, who had missed the first 14 games, were sprinted across the field, many in the new Emanuel Quickley or Randall jersey.

Sitting Courtyard was a socially distant fan of 20, including former giant star Justin Tuck.

Team President Leon Rose and his lieutenants were stationed in the court-court for the crowded games, but on Tuesday Nikki’s went behind the baseline, away from the bench.

The disappointment of the second half – and the referee – however, got them. The Warriors started the second half with a 22-6 run.

After Elfried Peyton was summoned for questionable dishonesty after snatching curry, Rose stamped his feet and attacked Vicks, annoyed with Vicks by his vice.

Two top Knicks officials were actually caught in the newly charged environment. Meanwhile, Knicks owner James Dolan was not present in his 100-level seat – presumably hidden away in a suit.

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