Cloud Strife muscle mass on PS5: a very important investigation

Square Enix just announced Final Fantasy VII remake interview, PS5-enhanced version of Ff7 remake Including graphical improvements such as “better texture, lighting and background environments”. but Some users on ResetEra Noted another potentially huge graphical upgrade: the cloud Famous thin arms There may be some beef.

Did the cloud get more swoop for the next generation like the PS5?

Apparently, it warranted a full investigation.

See this image, from User tyran:

Image: Reset user’s tyeten

And this GIF, From user recensioner:

GIF: Username Recensor

Explain, right? These two pictures make a strong argument. but my Report door Colleagues and I were not completely sure. like us brothers in Arms As suggested in Reddit, this could be better lighting in pictures or a trick of slightly different angles.

We wanted more strong evidence, and because we are Professional Reporters here The Reporter Door, We knew that we had to dig deep to try to solve this question – like we did compared to that tall woman Resident Evil Village

For other higher things. So we’ve spent the better part of an hour arguing about the problem in Slack, zooming super closely at photos of Claude’s arms, and finding noticeable differences in the nocax muscle mass of a video game character Is peering at the frame-by-frame of the trailers. .

Unfortunately, some side-by-side images from Square Enix made it hard for the argument to settle itself. See for yourself in these screenshots This officer Final Fantasy VII remake interview Video.

Picture: Square Enix

Picture: Square Enix

Picture: Square Enix

We needed proof, postpone it. Thankfully, my colleague Michelle Clarke had the powerful idea to color images from the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game and overlay them on top of each other. view result In the video below (The PS5 version is red, while the PS4 version is blue). For me, this is the strongest assessment yet.

Disappointingly, it also appears as if the Cloud’s weapons from PS4 to PS5 have not changed in size. To bombard

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the cloud is actually up for the start of the PS5. But I think we can all agree on one thing: Cloud has too much of both versions Reconstruction He was in the original game.

Image: Reset user moment

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