COVID-19 government fights against ‘lie’

Health Defense Commissioner Howard Zucker said Andrew Cuomo went on a 15-minute rent on Friday, claiming he had vowed to counter “lies” and “misinformation” about his operation of the nursing home – Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said officials called that time “at the right time”.

During a virtual news conference from Albany, Cuomo said, “I’m not going to hurt you by lying about the people of New York. Around the death of a loved one.”

“So, I’m going to take lies and dishonest actors, especially when they cause pain and damage in New York,” he said.

“I should have done it earlier. And I should have done it more aggressively. “

Zucker, for his controversial defense, on March 25 directed the nursing home to accept COVID-19 patients, which critics have blamed for spreading the deadly virus among vulnerable seniors.

Zucker said the state was “running out of ICU space” because hospitals were doubling every “three days.”

“With the facts that we had at the time, it was the right decision at the time,” he said.

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