Cuomo coverup investigated at Merrick Garland hearing

Scandal Covering Village. Andrew Cuomo attended President Biden’s Attorney General Nominee’s confirmation hearing on Monday, when Mirik Garland was asked if the reported federal investigation would compromise personal relationships, one of two in New York City Is a top Cuomo affiliate. Lawyers.

Garland, a federal appeals judge, will oversee Manhattan US Attorney Audrey Strauss, the mother-in-law of Cuomo’s aide Melissa Derasa, who acknowledged to the administration that the exact number of deaths among nursing home residents due to COVID-19, their Explosive comment. Revealed by post earlier this month.

The Democratic governor has tried to retract Derasa’s comment, stating that she was talking about stoning state legislators instead of an October 27 request for data from the Department of Justice. Skeptics say that Deoras’s comment also appears to describe a stonewalling of the Sanghis.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told Garland at his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing that he was concerned about Strauss’s role.

“In this instance, the acting US Attorney Cuomo is the mother-in-law of a senior officer in the administration admitted to the coverup. Would you commit to not conducting an administrative investigation into a conflict of interest by at least one person?” Cruz asked.

Garland said, “Of course.”

“I am not aware of any facts, but I can guarantee you that a person with a conflict of interest will not be the person conducting the investigation,” Garland said.

The Brooklyn-based US Attorney, Seth Ducarme, and the FBI, in the Eastern District of New York, are reportedly watching the conduct of the Democratic governor. It is unclear if any Manhattan southern district, led by Strauss, is playing into the review.

In response to an initial question from Cruz about the reported investigation, Garland told Cruz, “With all these investigations, the Department of Justice is open to evidence of fraud, a violation of false statements of law and in general justified Starts the way. The relevant US attorney’s office. “

Cuomo says state officials sent some information to the Department of Justice on January 8 about deaths in nursing homes, but they have not publicly released the document.

The governor, who won an Emmy Award for his COVID-19 press conference and opposed the epidemic in a best-selling book on his own leadership during the crisis, denied that nursing homes that eluded coronovirus-positive patients were taboo The doer is the state government of 25 March. Contributed significantly to New York’s 46,000 COVID-19 deaths.

The federal request for nursing home death data preceded a January report by New York State Attorney General Letitia James, which found more than 50 percent of nursing home deaths in a sample of homes, revised data to Health Commissioner Howard Zucker Death of up to 12,743 January 19.

Derasa told state legislators that when the Justice Department requested full death figures at the nursing home, we were “stunned” by the fear that the correct number would be “used against us” by federal prosecutors.

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