Cuomo offers its nursing home improvement package

On Friday, Andrew Kyomo proposed several measures to increase accountability in the state’s nursing homes – to counter criticism of himself over COVID-19 deaths in facilities.

Cuomo – the fire after The Post specifically reported his top aide admitted to a private meeting with lawmakers after the administration deliberately withheld nursing home coronovirus death data from federal prosecutors for fear of retaliation – plans A portion of his remote press briefing for laying focused. Criticism of features.

“We have to learn after this one, and we have to make changes,” the Democrat declared, adding his nursing home “reform package”, which includes measures that require facility operators to name the owner, list all Medicaid Will need to post rate and contract.

Cuomo also wants to increase civil monetary penalties from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 for violations of public health law, as well as firm infection-control regulations at sites.

The governor said, “I will not sign the budget without this nursing home improvement plan, period.”

Melissa Derasa, the governor’s top aide, said during last week’s private meeting that Cuomo officials wanted to prosecute high mortality, infection outbreaks and other issues in nursing homes, including a lack of personal-protective-gear Is included. Until the last year of the epidemic.

Residents of more than 13,000 nursing homes in New York have died of the virus so far.

Cuomo officials revealed during a private meeting that not a single nursing home in the state had a license to operate a vehicle between COVID-19 – while only 170 violations were recorded in 2,284 infection-control inspections.

Melissa DeRosa, Gov.  Andrew Cuomo's top aide, says his administration is pushing for firm infection-control regulations in nursing homes.
Melissa DeRosa, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide, says his administration is pushing for firer infection-control regulations in nursing homes.
Paul martinka

James-Kline, CEO of the nursing-home association LeadingEdge, called Cuomo’s proposed stiffer penalty and “completely punitive”.

“You’re not going to listen to nursing home operators,” we’re not adequately regulated, “Kline said.

“We do not think that lack of punishment is the problem. The issue is the need for financial support. “

He said that the recommendations of the powerful Health Service Employees Union 1199SEIU have been included in the Governor’s proposal.

A state Senate Democrat, Mike Murphy, told The Post that lawmakers would take a look at Cuomo’s package, but are beyond.

“We’re pushing our own bills” to assist with pandemic care, Murphy said.

State Assembly Speaker Karl Hetty’s office was not immediately available for comment on whether he supported Cuomo’s plan.

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