Cuomo threatens legalist Ron Kim over nursing home scam

A state legislator from Queens calls a spitting mad government. Andrew Kyomo threatened to save him from the death of Kovid-19, a resident of the Cuomo Administration’s nursing home, if he did not help.

Assemblyman Ron Kim – whose uncle died of a coronavirus in a nursing home – said he received a call from a fellow-Democrat governor on the night of Wednesday 11 February that quickly turned dark, with Cuomo eventually warning, “This Is not “seen my wrath. “

The call came shortly after The Post exclusively reported how Governor Melissa Derasa admitted on a conference call with the secretaries that Cuomo’s administration prevented true deaths among nursing home residents for fear that federal authorities ” Will be used against us “.

“At first, there was a silence on the phone,” Kim said.

“Then the governor says, ‘Mr. Kim, are you a respected person?'”

Kim, who attended the February 10 conference with Derasa and lost in Cuomo during a cover-over in The Post article, said he was “in the middle of bathing my kids” when Cuomo called.

Cuomo said, she asked him to draft a statement “to say that Melissa Derasa said there was a federal investigation and that they had to deal with that first.”

The conversation quickly turned medieval, Kim said, with Cuomo warning her, “You haven’t seen my anger. I’ve been biting my tongue for months.”

“I can tell the whole world what a bad person you are and you’ll end up,” Kim said remembering Cuomo.

“You will perish.”

Cuomo was so angry, Kim said, “My wife can hear the governor screaming into the phone.”

At one point, Cuomo – a former state attorney general – also asked Kim if he was a lawyer, which he is not.

“After that call, we were devastated. My wife did not sleep at all.

Later, Cuomo “phoned me four or five times on Saturday” but did not get up, Kim said.

Kim has been among Cuomo’s most vocal critics since her uncle Son Kim suffered from symptoms of COVID-19 at a nursing home in April.

On Tuesday, he introduced legislation to remove Cuomo of emergency powers related to his epidemic, and he also sent a letter – co-signed by eight Assembly Democrats – alleging Cuomo violated federal law against obstruction of justice Planted.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi released an almost 800-word, prepared statement, accusing Kim of “lying about his conversation with Governor Cuomo on Thursday night”.

“I know because I was one of three other people in the room when there was a phone call,” Azzopardi said.

“At no point did anyone threaten to ‘destroy’ anyone with his ‘anger’ nor threaten to be involved in a ‘coverup’.”

He said: “This is beyond the pale and is unfortunately part of a year-long pattern of lies by Mr. Kim against this administration.”

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